• A simple way of defining cloud computing is the use of software and hardware that is delivered via the internet.

A Review for Affordable Franking Machines

A franking machine is one of the essential pieces of office equipment. There are different models and types of franking devices on the market today. The average price of these machines ranges from 1,000 to 20,000 USD. Business people can save money by picking good, cheap franking machines. Quite frankly, there is no need for spending money on a single equipment.


On average, franking prices are relatively cheaper as compared to those of standard mails. You can use this machine to process about a hundred mail pieces daily. Investing in the right machine will help you in saving money in the long run while franking mails.

Some of the critical factors that you must consider when purchasing a franking machine include pricing, the model of the machine, and available features. Outlined here below are the top-rated, ergonomic, efficient, and affordable franking machines that you should consider buying.

Pitney Bowes DM60

The Pitney Bowes DM60 is one of the best franking machines for small businesses. One can easily send about 30 parcels or letters daily using this machine. It has an automatic loading system that makes it easy for the user to download updated mails. Therefore, you don’t have to spend money on mail prices which you don’t need. Buyers are given a free one month trial after buying this machine. Anyone who doesn’t like the machine should hand it back within the first 30 days.


  • Processing speed- 18 pieces or letters per minute
  • Maximum scale weight-2.5 kg
  • Mailmark franking-excellent

Pitney Bowels DM11i

This is another affordable and highly efficient franking machine. Its processing speed is higher than that of the other models reviewed above. It is a practical option for small businesses that send regular, mid-volume mailouts. Furthermore, this machine has an excellent build quality. The Pitney Bowels Company has a reliable, 24/7 self-service portal where people can seek help and advice, especially when something goes wrong with their machines.


  • Processing speed- 25 letters per minute
  • Maximum scales weight 2.5 kg
  • Mail franking-excellent

Neopost IS-280C

This machine comes with shortcut keys and an easy-to-navigate menu that makes it easily accessible. It is, therefore, an ideal option for small businesses. With this machine, users can settle their bills monthly, thereby eliminating the need for paying more credits than that what they need. You can also use it to track the postage cost of ongoing mails. In addition to this, it comes with ten user accounts, which make it easy to view the mails sent by various departments.


  • Processing speed- low
  • Maximum scale weight-2 kg
  • Mail franking- quite good
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Benefits of Cloud Computing

A simple way of defining cloud computing is the use of software and hardware that is delivered via the internet. A majority of businesses, irrespective of their size or geographical location, are turning to cloud computing. Most companies are adopting a cloud-only policy, probably due to all the benefits that come with it, which significantly outweighs its disadvantages. Some of the top benefits of cloud computing are highlighted below.

Cost Reduction

Cloud computing can save you from the burden of having to purchase some equipment such as hard disk drives and data security equipment. With cloud computing, however, you won’t have to build a large data center or hire a team of IT experts to handle all the maintenance of the data center as all that is provided by the cloud computing provider. All this contribute to a significant reduction in the overall cost of operation.

Data Security

The security of data is always a significant concern for all businesses, irrespective of size. Cybercrimes and data breaches can result in huge revenue loss and possible lawsuits. Cloud computing is an excellent solution to this as it offers advanced security features that can guarantee the safety of your data. Access control, authentication, and encryption are just examples of what providers of cloud storage implement in their platforms to protect data. In addition to all that, you can supplement the protections with your security measures to tighten access even further. All data is usually backed-up such that if anything happens to a database, it can be restored.


Cloud computing enables authorized personnel to access data from anywhere around the globe. This can be done even from smartphones, which makes it quite convenient. You will not be bound by geographical limitations when it comes to executing your business duties. Different people can also access the same data simultaneously, which makes team projects easy to complete and allows you to get real-time updates from coworkers and clients.cloud computing


The IT needs of your company may vary from time to time depending on a couple of factors. As your business grows, for example, your IT needs will increase. Cloud computing makes it easy and fast to scale according to your needs. Companies that have a fluctuating nature, such as those that depend on seasons, may benefit quite a lot from this. Scaling does not require any investments in physical infrastructure, which makes the entire process cost-effective as well.…

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Bitcoin Security Tips

Bitcoin has changed how transactions are made online, enabling users to move money via the Internet in a fast and reliable way. Despite the many benefits that Bitcoin offers, there are still some risks associated with it. Without taking the right security measures, there is a chance of you losing your money. Below are some of the necessary precautions that you should take before transacting using cryptocurrencies.

Avoid Using Web Wallets

A web or hosted wallet refers to the type of Bitcoin wallet that is hosted by a third party. They are meant to offer some form of convenience, but some may not provide high-security levels for your cryptocurrency. To avoid the possibility of hacking, it is essential that you avoid using the web wallets altogether. If by any chance you have to use one, do thorough research to find a company that offers excellent security. Also, transfer the money from the wallet as soon as you can.

Store Your Private Keys Offline

It is crucial that you never store your private keys anywhere online. This is because online information can be hacked, which means that your account will be exposed to security threats. You should also not share the keys with anyone else. It is, therefore, advisable to store your keys on a private computer that does not have a connection to the internet. This will reduce the risks of losing your money to malware attacks.

Use Fragmented Backups

It is essential that you create many backup copies of your seed and store them in different locations. Creating a fragmented backup will split the seed into six fragments, four of which will be needed to recreate the seed. Doing this makes it quite difficult for any hacker to access your wallet, given that he has to locate four of the six fragments stored in different locations.bitcoin logo

Use Linux Operating System

Saving private keys offline is quite safe, but you will have to connect them to the Internet at some point to make transfers. Use a USB drive to transfer data between your offline and online computers. If possible, make sure that both machines use Linux OS as it is known to resist any USB based threats.

Use a Hardware Wallet

Cold storage is the best way of storing Bitcoin. The hardware wallet is a USB device that features an onboard computer running a special OS. The device is not vulnerable to any hacking attacks as the private keys are stored offline.…