Writing large Documents should be easy

Every big task is solved by separating it into smaller steps. That is why DBook splits your large document into small manageable items.

From first notes to the final structure
All communication, changes, versions, tasks and members in one place

All in one Place

Writing a document is more than just the text. It’s also versions, discussions and tasks; It’s a project. All this is unified through DBook, there is only one place were everyone can work on the current version and nothing is lost.

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Writing large Documents
is Teamwork

Through separating the document into items, DBook combines collaborative writing with task management. You can invite team members, assign roles and even items.

Tasks management - write as a team, assign content to editors and manage your members
Focus on writing not on formating with Markdown

Know the Progress of your Document

Every element in DBook has a status. Like this you immediately see what element is still a draft, which one needs to be reviewed and what is final.

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Get brilliant looking Documents

In DBook you don’t need to worry about how your document is formatted. We do all the heavy lifting for you. Through separating content from markup you always get beautiful downloads.

Export documents as a PDF or a Doc for Word/ LibreOffice

Encrypted to ensure your Privacy

Not only is all data encrypted while being transferred, we also save all our data encrypted. DBook takes your intellectual property serious. We don’t mine your data or similar, your data belongs to you and no one else!

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