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The Importance of Using Franking Machines

The use of a franking machine has never been more popular than the other regular means of communication, such as emails, fax, or social media. However, if you run a company that deals a lot with sending hundreds of different mails for business and professional purposes, using franking machines will be a crucial step before issuing the letters out. Just like what its name suggests, it serves to stick postage stamps on the mails before they are sent to customers, clients, or business partners. In addition to its main function, the device is also used to send invoices, greeting cards, and marketing letters, all for professional purposes.

Those who have been in the business for years often state that using the machine in the office is a crucial step. Note that the above information is not the only functions that the device has. There are other reasons why it is important to have and use the device in the office for correspondence, and below are the detailed explanations.

Professional Impression

If you have been running your company for years, you will know how vital it is to look professional. You may also prompt your entire staffs to leave a professional first impression whenever they make a new relationship with a client or a business partner. Fortunately, looking professional is quite easy with a franking machine in your hand. Sending franked mails to your customers will undoubtedly leave a strong impression that your company is professional and an expert in whatever field the company is focusing on. It can further lead to your company’s image, credibility, and reliability. People tend to see symbols than substances these days. If you are aware of this fact, you will also notice that first impression matters, and your franked mail is one brilliant way to stand out.


Another reason why franking mails should be in every business is that it offers lower costs. It is far cheaper to frank letters than stamping them. It is estimated that companies commonly save more than thousands of pounds each year by using this machine. But the surprise does not stop there as companies can also get discounted prices by sending franked mails.


In addition to the above benefits, convenience is also an aspect that users can expect from the device. Instead of walking to the nearest post office to stamp the mails, the device provides a more convenient and efficient way. More importantly, the whole franking processes are also quick and easy.…